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Erwin Hoorn

Erwin Hoorn (1962) graduated in commercial law at the University of Leiden. He has been active in the firm as a partner since December 2006. Prior to this he served as an attorney and member of a negotiation delegation at Philips. Before that he was a Manager Legal at Holland Van Gijzen in Eindhoven. Prior to that he worked for De Voort Hermes De Bont in Tilburg.

Fields of expertise
Erwin is active in the field of labour law and specialises in collective labour law, outsourcing, harmonisation processes, worker representation matters, and the law governing individual dismissals as well as civil servants.

The bulk of his clients are active in the technology and manufacturing sectors. He provides them with advice in relation to all possible aspects of labour law affecting their business operations. More especially, he has been involved in the conclusion of industrial and business collective labour agreements, the implementation of worker representation projects, redundancy plans, transitional arrangements, and the production of a human resources toolkit. Apart from this he gives seminars, assists with the professional journal, Arbeid Integraal, and regularly publishes articles. In addition, he is a member of the Vereniging Arbeidsrecht Advocaten Nederland (VAAN) and the Vereniging voor Arbeidsrecht [Labour Law Association of the Netherlands].